Make a Miracle Happen in Someone's Life!

Josepha has experienced more hurt than most of us can imagine. Abandoned by her prostitute mother at eight days old, she struggled most of her life to overcome crushing poverty, shame and hopelessness. But when she was introduced to Jesus and given a Bible through the generosity of caring Christians like you who support our Spread the Word ministry, her life began to change.

"I accepted Christ and felt my soul free of everything. I no longer let my past hurt me, because I not only look forward, I look to where Christ sends me." Josepha explains how after she began reading her Bible regularly she began to teach others about all that God had done in her life. She tells others, "That Bible is incredibly marvelous. It changed my life. Everything in there is true and real."

Help others like Josepha experience the saving grace of the Gospel.

Each $5 you send now, helps provide one person with a copy of God’s Word

Just $50 sends 10 Bibles, $75 will provide 15 Bibles and $100 provides 20 Bibles! So please give as many Bibles as you can.

Thank you for helping Spread the Word send a miracle today!