We Appreciate Your Commitment to Our Ministries

Thank you for stepping solidly into the New Year with Family Broadcasting Corporation, with a new resolve to pray for and support one another.

Your kindness will help:

  • Spread the Word Bible distribution, which is still in great need of help to get Gospel supplies restocked, so they can be distributed to countries like Malawi and the Philippines.
  • 24-Hour Prayerline, with a call center taking nearly 10,000 calls a month, helping those feeling lost, desperate or just needing prayer.
  • World Harvest Television, that broadcasts Christian television across the globe.

With new resolve for 2021, remember to move forward and do your best to leave behind any baggage 2020 may hold for you.

Know that God desires for us to live a debt-free and prosperous life.

Do your best to keep your influences positive with uplifting music, positive television, and the Word of God.

Be sure to love and cherish your family, while also keeping healthy boundaries.

Practice prioritizing work-life balance, so that challenges and/or people at work don’t drag you down.

Thank you for your continued support and friendship!