Thank You for Helping Us Support Mothers

I can’t think of a more fitting gift than salvation to give children their roots and wings; their roots of knowing they are children of Christ, and their wings to know that they can achieve all things through Christ who loves them.

At Family Broadcasting, we are always looking to do more – fill more requests, send more Bibles, pray with more people. Thank you for donating today to help give a mother the tools she needs to raise her children well.

Your kindness helps:

  • Spread the Word Bible distribution, which distributes The Gospels across the world. In fact, just this April, we were able to help plant seeds of faith by distributing Treasure Hunt Bibles to children in communities in Nicaragua and Guatemala that were hit hard by the hurricanes last November.
  • 24-Hour Prayerline, with a call center taking nearly 10,000 calls a month, helping those feeling lost, desperate or just needing prayer.
  • World Harvest Television, that broadcasts Christian television across the globe.

Have a blessed Mother’s Day, and thank you for your continued support and friendship.