Keeping the Faith in America

What is the moral foundation of someone who doesn’t believe in anything? 

How do they determine right from wrong? How do they find peace and joy in a world that often times is turning against them? 

The answer is they don’t have a moral foundation, right and wrong are misconstrued and all of the fruits of spirit are absent from their lives.

For those that have the Christian faith, we understand that not only does it give people hope and peace, but it also provides society with a shared moral norm that holds us together.

Dr. Sumrall’s vision is still true today–Christian television brings God’s grace to those who need it most, no matter their situation, place, or circumstances.

Your GIFT of $150 will help Family Broadcasting continue in this vision, and support Christion television.

This Easter, as we celebrate the gift of salvation through our risen Lord, may we also keep the faith of America in our prayers. May we find the strength to walk with love for others, to show unwavering kindness, and to share the Gospel of Christ with all who will listen.

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Breakthrough Blessings

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