FBC Announcement

It’s a new day! Today I write to you with a heart that is full of joy, excitement and anticipation. There are certain moments in life where time seemingly stands still, even if just for a moment; and when the clock resumes its tick-tock, nothing appears to have changed, even as nothing remains the same. It is those rare moments when a door opens and one enters into a new future – a future that gives new meaning to past and present.

I want to share with you our future, our vision. But first, some history…

LeSEA Broadcasting was founded by my grandfather, Dr. Lester Sumrall, in 1972. Like other ministries he started, Dr. Sumrall named the organization after himself: Lester Sumrall Evangelistic Association. LeSEA started with a seed of faith in the form of single local FM station in South Bend, IN. Over five decades, that small seed grew into a vast broadcasting network of terrestrial and satellite television stations, shortwave and FM radio, world-class production facilities, a 24-hour call center, a Bible distribution ministry, and so much more. Over that same period we have experienced triumph and tribulation, joy and loss, prosperity and adversity… and yet, through it all, our animating purpose has been to “run with the vision” in order to “win a million every day.” Likewise, Dr. Sumrall became familiar to millions through his tireless labor of love.

Today, my sister Angela and I are proud to be the third generation embracing that mission, and running with that vision. It is our legacy that has brought us to where we are today, and provided us with the opportunity to go to the next level, and reach more people than we ever have in our history. Even as I write this we continue to honor our past, with eyes fixed on the horizon. Moreover it is our sincere belief that it is our onward movement and continued growth and expansion that cast the brightest spotlight on our heritage. It is imperative, not only to remember our past leaders, but to learn from them, and to apply those principles by setting them into action. This begins with an intentional embrace of who we fundamentally are: a family organization reaching families, which is why we are so excited to formally announce that as of today we are changing the name of our corporation to: FBC – Family Broadcasting Corporation.

Over the last several months we have experienced exponential growth, with an unwavering determination to multiply our past efforts and accomplishments. And this brings me to a critical point that I wish to communicate to you today: while the Gospel remains the same, technology does not allow one to remain in the same place for long, less one become irrelevant. Dr. Sumrall knew this only too well. Yesterday’s medium may very well not be today’s medium – in many cases, it is not. Forward thinking is what shapes history, and today we step into a new season of world-changing efforts.

To all those who have faithfully stood with us through the decades, please know the depth of our gratitude for your sacrifice. History’s halls are replete with influential women and men, none of which accomplished their feats in absolute solitude. Dr. Sumrall, as well our father, Peter Sumrall, are no different. Their accomplishments were also your accomplishments. And as we continue to celebrate that legacy, we ask you to come along side us as we take the next big step toward reaching the untold billions yet untold, boldly carrying the torch into the present and future darkness, to bring the hope of Jesus Christ to a dying generation in desperate need of God’s redeeming love.

Please join us.

Drew Sumrall
President / CEO
Family Broadcasting Corporation