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A legacy of transformed lives — thanks to YOU!

While Dr. Sumrall believed a time would come when Christian programming would be much more difficult to air, he dreamed of bringing the message of God’s love and mercy to every nation through a worldwide broadcast ministry.

That dream is still being fulfilled through 12 television stations, an FM radio station, and 6 shortwave radio stations, reaching more than 90% of the world’s population and several satellite stations covering Africa, Asia, Europe and Australia.

While the ministry has expanded, the vision has remained the same: to reach a world in need with Bible teaching, daily encouragement and wholesome family entertainment.

Five ways your partnership touches hearts:

1. World Harvest Radio
Through shortwave radio, World Harvest Radio’s six transmitters cover every major continent with the Gospel, potentially reaching more than 84 million people a month.

2. Feed the Hungry
Founded in 1987, Feed the Hungry has delivered more than $200 million worth of food and critical supplies to desperate people in 92 countries.

3. Prayerline
Family Broadcasting Corporatprayer line prayerline is the cornerstone of the ministry and a source of hope to more than 10,000 people each month. Whether it’s a family, health or spiritual matter, we’re here to help anytime at 1-800-365-3732.

4. Spread the Word
This Bible distribution ministry handed out more than 750,000 Bibles in 2017. But we’re not satisfied with that. So we’re looking to expand the program through a special edition Bible in 2018.

5. Family Entertainment Television
FETV features a lineup of classic and inspirational programming the whole family can enjoy. 2017 was a year of historic growth, with 30 million homes added to the network.