Prayer Wall

Prayer Wall

We have compassionate Prayerline volunteers available by phone or online that can provide you with a source of hope if you are feeling lost or distressed.

Below is a list of Prayer Needs submitted by those in need of spiritual guidance. Please keep these people in your thoughts and prayers and return to this page often.

You are invited to reach out to our Prayerline 24/7 by calling 1-800-365-3732.

Thank you for reaching out to our Prayerline. Your prayer requests are important to us and they are prayed over the day that they arrive. If you are waiting to view a response to your request, please know we will post it very soon. If you need immediate prayer, please reach out to our prayer partners at the number above.


Had to get a physical for my insurance, including blood work. And they are going to check my cholesterol and sugar levels. I know they were a little high last time i went in, and I love sugar and other bad food that make those levels go up. Please pray if it be in God’s Will that they are at good levels. Thanks.

Received: March 17, 2022

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