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World Harvest Radio’s first Angel, WHRI, signed on the air for the first time on Christmas Day in 1985 from Noblesville, IN. Originally, we used one transmitter to broadcast to Europe thirteen hours a day and to South America the other eleven hours. In September of 1987 we added a second transmitter, Angel 2, and began broadcasting in both directions 24 hours a day.

In December of 1993, KWHR was established and we began broadcasting to Asia from the island of Hawaii and we added Angel 3 covering China and Eastern Asia. In September of 1997 God provided yet another transmitter to KWHR and Angel 4 went on the air with transmissions to the 27 million people of the South Pacific.

In February of 1998 WHRA, Angel 5 was purchased in Bangor, Maine and we gained coverage in Africa and the Middle East.

In June of 2004 World Harvest Radio purchased one of the premier shortwave facilities in the World located in Cypress Creek, South Carolina. WHRI continues to operate from Cypress Creek to this day and reaches millions of people all over the world. After this purchase we centralized our transmissions and closed the facilities in Noblesville and Maine. Currently from WHRI we have two transmitters with 500kW capabilities. We run these transmitters at 250kW daily. We also have one transmitter which we run at 100kW. With our 12 antennas WHRI sends our shortwave programming all over the world!

WHRI can be heard in North America; including Canada, the US and Mexico. We transmit into the Caribbean, Central and South America. Our antennas go into Europe, the Middle East and Africa. From WHRI we also have an antenna the reaches into Australia. From WHRI you will find Angel 1, Angel 2 and Angel 6. We receive letters from listeners telling us that we have some of the strongest shortwave signals in the world.

In September of 2008 World Harvest Radio purchased another premier shortwave facility located on the island of Palau. Situated roughly 2,000 miles from the coast of China, this station provided us with superior signals into Asia and the South Pacific. We closed our station in Hawaii and our facility in Palau ran all of our Asia transmissions with Angel 3, Angel 4 and Angel 5.

We had three 100kW transmitters and three dedicated antennas transmitting into all of China, Japan, The Koreas, the South Pacific including the Philippines and Indonesia. Our Southeast Asia antenna was heard in India, southern China, Thailand, Vietnam, Myanmar, Laos and Cambodia.

On October 27, 2019, the Palau facility was closed, and Angels 3, 4, and 5 transmitting into Asia went off air. We continue to operate from WHRI in South Carolina.

World Harvest Radio continues to provide quality Christian radio programming that literally reaches all over the world. With an estimated 1 Billion shortwave receivers in the world we believe that shortwave radio is vitally important to the kingdom of God. We are thankful that we can be a part of reaching the entire world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ!

If you have a missionary heart and want to be part of proclaiming the Word of The Lord to the billions of people in the world with your radio program, please prayerfully consider being a partner with World Harvest Radio. Our staff would be happy to help you reach into the region(s) of your choice.


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